Monday, July 19, 2010

I have been so busy this summer!

I am a fun loving dog in desperation for friends, and Ami has been introducing me to some doozies! Even when my "friends" are moody and growling, biting, barking, or ganging up on me; I am understanding and relentlessly in their faces with my licks and love!

After a weekend in Wyoming this pack finally let me be in their presence without bullying. Left: the bitch Zoey (my grandpappa calls her gonezoey, and after being the subject of her wrath I totally understand, Top right: My buddy awesome! He liked me (when I wasn't trying to get my Ami's attention) Not pictured: Trixie; she couldn't make it to the puppy nap pile because she was busy stealing my bumper bed!
Me and Max played and played and then crashed out!
I can't wait to go to Wyoming again!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Defects.

I was born with a defect and that is why my family loves me so much, or at least that is what they are constantly telling me (in baby talk, mind you). The picture provided shows how my bones on my front feet turn out. However, if I were a dancer my turnout would kick ass!
I mention my defect because each member of my family has a defect and so I fit RIGHT in. My Zack has MS and I try each day to support him when he takes his shot, and by support, I mean try and lick his face during the shot process. My Ami had cancer when she was a teenager and she now deals with residual crap, and as far as I can tell it just makes her cranky!
So I feel support among my new family, THE DEFECTS!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Welcome To My DLOG!

Bebop is my name and fun, sleeping, eating, and pooping are my games! I think I just had my first year birthday but I can not be positive since I am a pound puppy. I was adopted by a lovely family from the West Valley dog pound and one of the baby humans was allergic to me. That is how I ended up with the awesome humans I have now! I say awesome because they are suckers who give me everything I have ever wanted. I only have short bursts of energy so I can not commit to long DLOG posts...but stay tuned because this is going to get good!