Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Cone of Shame!

I got a bacteria is on the paw that my Ami calls a black hole. She is constantly having to dig things that I have gotten stuck in there out. Fabric, gummy candy, and grass clumps...just to name a few. We went to a new vet and I really like him...he lets my Ami hold me while he pokes and prods me, which I love.
I have to wear the cone of shame when I am left alone, which I thought would be fine because I am never left alone. I was wrong! My Ami is going back to teaching school and so she has been leaving me EVERYDAY this week! I am confused and kind of mad at her. I did get a new toy that I LOVE though...

This is my binky kong and it is almost like crack to me. I don't let it off of my person and NO ONE can touch or talk with me when I am playing with it! At least I got something out of this new living situation.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Dog Days of Summer

...and this is what we do!


I am running behind on my summer adventures but I have made a list of what I need to write about since I am so easily distracted. My Ami told me that we were going to go house sit in Ogden and I really could care less however, I did wonder if there was going to be air conditioning.
When we got there I realized that this house comes with not only air conditioning but 3...count 'em three new friends! I LOVE FRIENDS, even when they don't love me.

This is me and my friend Fergie...she is half chihuahua, half pug. My Ami laughs at her a lot because she has gained so much weight. (I kept telling her to lay off the cheese!)

This is Nikki, she is a dachshund, and she loved my bumper bed. Each of my friends LOVE my bed and I am nice enough to share. I tried to play with Nikki but she really didn't like me. My Ami kept telling me that she is blind and didn't know when I was lying in front of her with my sad eyes. My sad eyes never fail when I use them on my Ami, Zack, or Grannmamma. I couldn't believe it!
I didn't get a pic of my friend Puff...he is MOODY! He didn't like having another boy in the house or my Ami trying to take his picture. I think he is just angry because he is a male poodle...enough said.