Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm learning alot!

I went to Heber over Memorial Day weekend and made tons of new friends. I have to admit that these friends are the wierdest. I don't understand them in the least but I still want to lick them and push them down. I also want to eat what they have in their hands but they do not share like my Amie does.

This friend is FUN! His name is Biscuit and I had to run HARD to keep up! Towards the end of the day I was getting kind of mad at him- he can run FAST!

And then...I barely made it home before I fell asleep with my Zack.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


 "Bebop, we are going to go see Kellie's new puppies and we may bring you home a little brother."
Check these two out!!! Brother and sister Spangles (Spaniel-Beagle mix) named Benny and Jun.
I want one!! Zack and Bebop have taken a vote...majority wins and the answer is, "No!"
But what both fail to acknowledge is I am getting a brother for Bebop this summer for reals!!