Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween and a Swarm of KILLER BEES!

I decided I needed to be a bee since this is my nickname and I hear we are in a bee crisis! I am all about helping out the environment! I mean you should see how much I fertilize!
All these kids kept coming to our door and my Ami kept giving away MY candy so me and Trixie decided to take action! Tricks and Treats! We even ran into another dog dressed as a bee but I told him that I was Bumblebee, the autobot! DUH!
I am ready for bed!! My Ami won't shut up and stop typing!
My Ami wasn't able to dress up today so I let her borrow my costume tonight! Trixie won't let us take her costume off-She may really be a KILLER BEE FROM MEXICO!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween is Tomorrow!!

This is practice, I can't decide what to be for Halloween.
Trixie and I tried on our costumes and went out for a spin.
I am not sure about this Christmas may be saved for the holiday season. I am really jealous of Trixie's costume. I may beg for a bumblebee costume. There is a flowered seat calling my name!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Oh the humanity!!!

To think I haven't posted since August is a tragedy! I have had such a busy summer, how can I deprive all you you?? I am in the midst of planning my Halloween costume but I really can't decide what I wanna be! My Ami says Yoda (she loves this idea because when she was a youngun with only a few strands of hair due to chemotherapy, her dad called her Yoda)....but the costume was way too big. Since I have been spending a lot of time in Wyoming and Heber it is only natural that I become a cowboy...this is no JOKE.
I have been spending tons of time with my boys...Zack and I are working on a handshake. .
Ami and I have been fighting quite a bit about who gets to drive the scooter...I am so close!
And lastly no October would be complete without Breast Cancer Awareness!!!
Until next time folks....Keep on truckin!