Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A brudder is hard work!

Since I can not keep up with my brudder Rocksteady, I am letting him have this post. This is the ONLY one he will be in charge of, I promise!
I am ROCKSTEADY!  I am going to give you the real low down about this place! I would like to say that I dislike it because my new mom makes me do things like cuddle, run fast, and play with my new brudder Bebop. I have to admit that she is a SUCKER! I  love to destroy anything I can get my baby teeth on, because it is FUN!  She has been patiently working with me and my dad and our friend Brenda (another dog whisperer) says that I need in a kennel when my mom is not home. I don't think so! I promise my mom everyday that I will be good and then while she's gone I just can't help myself! Everything is so much FUN to chew on! So now I have a kennel- but my mom calls it "my kingdom," she is not foolin' anyone. I just give her my puppy dog eyes, literally, and she cries when I have to go to "my kingdom." But, she is getting tougher.

 I HATE HAND-ME-DOWNS and that is all I get in this place! My brudder Bebop is trying to gain as much weight as possible so he can't fit in these ridiculous get ups! I am trying to catch up! He has the right idea!

 We were both on our best behaviors to meet Santa cause I know he will bring me TREATS in the stocking I keep trying to rip off the mantel. I can almost get it but I keep getting yelled at by Dad, and he is WAY more serious than Mom.
 When Bebop is not looking, I cuddle him! This is our interpretation of SPOONING!  Don't tell Bebop though, he is still pretending not to like me! 
I have a long tongue! That is all for today! It's nice to meet you.

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